About Us 🙂

Mission Statement:

Supporting dreams and aspirations from across diverse medical kingdoms.

Vision Statement

We believe in a future where:

  • Patients are able to pursue their dreams.
  • Providers listen.
  • The patient is at the heart of every action.
  • Care is both efficient and exact.
  • The medical kingdoms are unified, where strength is borne through a diversity of perspectives and professions.
  • Patients fully understand what their options are and what they can do.
  • Patient-provider trust is strong.
  • Population health is central to health care delivery.
  • The next generation of providers are cared for and properly trained.

Company History

We have a long history of helping patients throughout the Pacific Northwest in their individual health journeys. We’ve done this through the provision of quality, integrated health care services and inter-provider communications. In the year 2000, Glyn Desmond and Jeanette Wahl had combined their independent medical massage practices to form Monroe Therapeutic Massage, the foundation for Gumshoe Health. Monroe Therapeutic Massage had the goal of working together with naturopathic doctors and other health care providers in order to provide a higher quality medical massage service for patients, ensuring the space in our offices could accommodate those with special therapeutic needs.

In 2002 the first satellite location with Swedish Hospital’s downtown Seattle branch was established, allowing for complementary medicine to have a physical presence within the hospital for the first time. Following Monroe Therapeutic Massage’s entrance, naturopathic doctors could be brought on board to Swedish’s oncology team. This furthered the founder’s vision of a complementary and integrative medical service for patients who need it. In 2014, a presence in Microsoft’s hospital in Redmond was established as a service for Microsoft employees.

By 2015, Monroe Therapeutic Massage had expanded out to a thriving 5 clinic locations and additional 4 satellite locations in total. Dr. Samantha Desmond ND, MACP, BHC, LMP became a partner in Monroe Therapeutic Massage in 2015 after having worked for the company since 2003 in the roles of licensed massage practitioner (LMP), instructor, and administrator. Her graduation from Bastyr University with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Counseling Psychology was the catalyst for the hiring of naturopathic doctors, counselors, and acupuncturists with the full support and integration of Monroe Therapeutic Massage given their common vision. Gumshoe Health was officially founded in 2015 with the mission to support their patient’s dreams and aspirations, allowing them to do what they do best in life by simplifying wellness and being an efficient, trusted partner in collaborative health care knowledge from across diverse medical kingdoms.

In February 2017, the first ever face to face, HIPPA-compliant naturopathic telemedicine service line was created by Gumshoe Health to better serve its patients and to increase access and availability for all.

The adventure continues…

What They Say

"I am still going here and have continued to be highly impressed. Ongoing success with treating headaches and general muscle ache. I've seen many of the practitioners and have been more than pleased with every one... Jimmy, Stephanie, Jessica, Laurie... sorry if I am forgetting anyone! What's great is that each person has their own technique, so you can really take your time in deciding what person is right for you."

– Yelp Review


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Referred to by one patient as the “Pendragon of Healthcare” due to her efforts to unite the different kingdoms of our healthcare system, Dr. Desmond is leading Gumshoe Health to become a model of what is possible in quality health care for patients.

View More: http://phosphorus.pass.us/gumshoe-health

Born in England and first immigrating to America in 1977, Glyn has owned businesses in both countries. After running his own construction business he went to massage school 1997, specializing in medical massage then opened Monroe Therapeutic Massage in 2000. Unofficially known as ‘the numbers guy’, Glyn’s calculations keep the business going.

Jeanette Wahl

Growing up on her family farm, raising and selling horses, and learning both welding and massage therapy, Jeanette has run many businesses. She joined her Massage practice with Monroe Therapeutic Massage in 2001 and was instrumental in our initial coordinations with Swedish hospital, bringing therapy to those that need it at the hospital.

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