Gumshoe Health is Now Hiring for all Positions

A core part of the vision at Gumshoe Health is to be a place that helps new practitioners to grow their careers and to become established in their fields. This is important because both their current and future patients will benefit from these efforts. For those who have gained practical knowledge through a number of years of practice, the opportunity exists to work with younger practitioners and exchange knowledge and wisdom. Our job as Gumshoe Health administrators is to support the practitioners so they have the ability and fortitude to care for others. We’ve carefully structured our business model to support collaborative care and keep the passion for medicine thriving in the hearts of our practitioners so they can do what they do best. We’d be honored if you’d consider being a part of our team.

Diversity is at the core of what we do and as such we accept applications from (including but not limited to): NDs, MDs, ARNPs, DCs, ODs, LMPs, LAcs, LMHCs, and LMHCAs.

Office managers

Make a difference in people’s everyday lives by being an important part of their healthcare team. Office staff and front desk positions deserve a significant amount of attention in the discussion surrounding quality healthcare. The patient experience often times hinges on how they are greeted and how they are treated around and outside of visits, sometimes more so than the visit itself. If you’d like to be part of the team to help people in their path to recovery, please apply.

Physicians (MDs, NDs, DOs)

We offer employment so that you can focus on being a doctor and fully engage in your patient’s care and on resident guidance. We are looking for both primary care doctors as well as specialists. Work with us in order to achieve unparalleled patient care and the advancement of collaborative, competent, and comprehensive medicine. Our job at Gumshoe Health is to take care of you so that you can better care of yourself, your family, and your patients.

Gumshoe Health is transitioning from a group of seven medical massage clinics and an additional four satellite locations around the Puget Sound area to a group of integrated clinics offering physician services, massage therapy, counseling, and traditional world medicine. Our residency program launched Fall 2016 and experienced NDs hired would be involved in the training of residents as a part of employment. Compensation is percentage based.

Massage Therapists:

Monroe Therapeutic Massage is currently hiring medical massage practitioners for several of their locations. Opportunities including working in either the clinics (Kirkland, Bellevue, Kent, Monroe, Ballard, Downtown Seattle, West Seattle) or one of the satellite hospital locations (Swedish downtown, Swedish Issaquah, Swedish Edmonds, Microsoft) are available.

  • Patient load is approximately 85% insurance based with opportunities to coordinate with other providers.
  • Scheduling is flexible. Full time or part time available
  • Payment is on a per massage basis, starting at $24/hr and increasing over time.

Mental Health Counselors:

Gumshoe Health PS is a multi-disciplinary clinic that works to support its practitioners so that they can provide the best care possible for their patients. Pioneering walk and talk therapy as the main model of counseling care, Gumshoe Health counselors need to be comfortable in the outdoors as their primary ‘office’ venue. As such, much of the work will be solitary although our staff are available for phone support and you are always welcome at the clinic meetings since we do believe very strongly in provider collaboration. When you meet your clients at local parks, you will bring the necessary supplies for both yourself and your clients for all weather possibilities. Additionally, there is clinic space available if a client is suddenly unable to meet outdoors (post surgery, illness, etc). Gumshoe Health will take care of the majority of your administrative needs and overhead concerns.

Residency for NDs (Currently on Hold):

Well, you’ve just slogged (or skipped) your way through 4 or more years of medical school… now what? Residency gives you the opportunity to deepen and expand your learning, focus on the patients, learn additional skill sets that you need to be successful, gives you time to build a name for yourself in the community, and offers stability during your first few years out.

Gumshoe Health encourages residents to pursue their interests and passion for medicine. Residency is the time to refine your skills with expert mentorship, discover where the best fit for you is in the greater healthcare world, and/or hone the path you’re already walking on.

Gumshoe Health is CNME accredited and will have its first  two residents beginning in Fall, 2016. We’ve designed a balanced, mentor-guided curriculum and practice opportunity for residents to stretch their wings as Naturopathic Doctors. Our residency program is for those with three years or less of practice, with new residents accepted at any level.


We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide more detail upon request. To apply, send us your CV and what position you are interested in.

Massage therapists and potential office staff contact Glyn at

Physicians, counselors, and potential residents please contact Dr. Sam at

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