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“People get into healthcare because they have a vision of what healthcare can be.”

Every one of our staff members are team players that are committed to putting the patient’s interests at the heart of their actions. Gumshoe Health recognizes that health care can be fragmented and confusing. Consequently, we do our best to help streamline patient care through inter-provider communications both within and without our facilities since the patient’s story should follow the patient, not the organization. Through a diversity of professions, people, and providers Gumshoe Health has a unique strength and an extended knowledge base to draw from.

Discover our staff by location.



  • Dr. Wu-Hsun (Tom) Yang ND, LAc, LMP
  • Andrea Kent LMP
  • Paul Tomita LMP
  • Leisha Diane LMP
  • Jessica Aaron LMP
  • Chantz Richards LMP
  • Jack Duroc Danner LMP
  • Lize Williams LMP
  • La-Tina Rainwater LMP
  • Steven Grant LMP

West Seattle:

  • Darin Stumme LMP
  • Icyle Duran LMP
  • Michelle Palmer LMP
  • Dan Israel LMP
  • Christian Jacobson LMP
  • Chris Officer LMP
  • Steven Grant LMP

Kirkland & Totem Lake:

  • Dr. Seth Enos ND, BCB, EMT-P
  • Linda Deiner LMP
  • Val Klionsky LMP
  • Kelly Greiner LMP
  • Kristi Patricelli LMP
  • Amber Thoreson LMP
  • Sharon Heppes LMP
  • Mary Whitehead LMP
  • Joan Gorkos LMP
  • Paul Tomita LMP
  • Sandra Whiley LMP, CLT
  • Alina Soto LMP
  • Heng Ma LMP
  • Rebekah Miller LMP
  • Sandi Ike LMP


  • Becky Beckel LMP
  • Robin Western LMP
  • Jennifer Brismeur (Hoff) LMP
  • Kelly Greiner LMP
  • Nicole “Nikki” Petrick LMP
Hospitals & Satellite Locations

Swedish Downtown Seattle:

  • Shelagh Lane LMP CLT
  • Paul Tomita LMP

Swedish Issaquah:

  • Judy Martin LMP
  • Paul Tomita LMP

What They Say

"I have been going to this center for a few months now and really love it. They are always on time too. I am always looking forward to my visits. The office is clean and tidy. The front staff are polite and very easy to schedule appointments with. I have mainly been working with Val he is very good at massage and is very friendly. The hour goes by so fast. He has helped with my pregnancy related sciatica, back pain and carpal tunnel. I will 100% be continuing treatment! .."

-Yelp Review


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Referred to by one patient as the “Pendragon of Healthcare” due to her efforts to unite the different kingdoms of our healthcare system, Dr. Desmond is leading Gumshoe Health to become a model of what is possible in quality health care for patients.

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Born in England and first immigrating to America in 1977, Glyn has owned businesses in both countries. After running his own construction business he went to massage school 1997, specializing in medical massage then opened Monroe Therapeutic Massage in 2000. Unofficially known as ‘the numbers guy’, Glyn’s calculations keep the business going.

Jeanette Wahl

Growing up on her family farm, raising and selling horses, and learning both welding and massage therapy, Jeanette has run many businesses. She joined her Massage practice with Monroe Therapeutic Massage in 2001 and was instrumental in our initial coordinations with Swedish hospital, bringing therapy to those that need it at the hospital.

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