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The construction continues at our pilot Gumshoe Health location in Seattle, building out the doctor’s office and exam rooms within the clinic. Our massage therapists are still hard at work and we have to reserve¬†the noisy and dusty aspects of construction for the occasional quiet Sunday. It’s been a fun ride with replacing the floors, painting (and building) the walls, putting in the cabinetry and desks, and getting the supplies in. On the backend, we’ve been setting up with Athena Health (our electronic health records system for the docs) and sourcing the highest quality products for our dispensary.

Our focus with Monroe Therapeutic Massage has always been the highest quality of care for the patient and we plan on continuing that strong tradition with our transition to Gumshoe Health. Our massage therapy services will remain the same and we are adding value for our customers by providing additional services with physicians and counselors. A lot of work has gone into Gumshoe Health’s launch and I’d like to thank Karen Wells, Dr. Seth Enos, Glyn Desmond, and Jeanette Wahl especially for all your help in the construction process.

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