The Gumshoe Gallipot:

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Gallipot (ˈɡaləˌpät), noun:

- a small pot made from glazed earthenware or metal, used by pharmacists to hold medicines or ointments.

In response to demand, we have created this online ordering option for recommended products. The Gumshoe Gallipot is where you can find recommended and vetted products suited to your healthcare needs. Clicking on these products will take you to trusted vendors such as where you can purchase the items. Scroll below to see products outlined.

If you have been prescribed herbs or supplements during a virtual care visit you can find the items via the Gallipot’s Fullscript dispensary, which you can get to here. Anyone can purchase from the dispensary if they would like, though it does require a quick sign in.

Prescriptions or General Purchase for Herb/Supplements:

Go here if you are picking up a prescription from a virtual care visit or if you would like to peruse our vetted list of medical grade quality herbs and supplements. Formulated and individualized botanical tinctures are not found here as they must be prescribed and and attained through your doctor.

Pain Management:

Self-Massage Tools:

Hot and Cold Packs:

Gels, Lotions, Ointments:

Exercise Equipment and Tools:


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