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What is chronic pain? What are chronic pain management strategies? In this video, we’ll do a basic overview of the chronic pain- what it is, what causes it, what can make it worse, and general management approaches. Visit us at:


What is chronic pain? The continuous firing of pain signals to the brain sometimes even after injury resolution. This pain will last 12 weeks or longer. Re-balancing the sensitization of the nervous system often becomes the prime focus for chronic pain management.

3 causal camps of chronic pain: initial injury, ongoing disease process, and unknown

Diagnosis of chronic pain is heavily reliant on patient reported experience combined with the medical history and record.

What can make chronic pain worse for you: Lack of sleep, fatigue, mood changes, and a decreased mental health picture can all have an effect on the patient.

Treatment approaches: Reduce pain and increase function, addressing the cause of the pain, management of pain signals, treatment of pain factors.

Treatment methods: pharmaceuticals, botanical medicine, physical medicine (including massage, adjustments, hydrotherapy, etc), counseling, nutrition, biofeedback, drawing upon patient’s spirituality/faith, etc

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