New Patients

Welcome to Gumshoe Health, we’re excited to get to know you as a new patient!

To make your introduction to the clinic as seamless and easy as possible, we’ve collected all the resources and forms you need to get started in one place. This way, we can maximize the time you spend with your health practitioner addressing what you need addressed. You’ll also find some basic information here on insurance and billing, since coverage and insurance rules can often be unclear.

New Patient Checklist For All First Visits:

  • Accept the invite to Jane (our clinic’s online scheduler) in your e-mail inbox or login here.
  • New patient forms completed and submitted at least 3 days prior to appointment (e-mail invite to intake forms via Jane are sent out when you schedule)
  • *For new naturopathic patients: Consider signing up before your appointment for your patient portal through the Athena Electronic Health Record system. This will let you communicate securely with your provider, view encounter summaries, and more. Doing this before your visit will save time during check-in. You can sign up here.
  • *For first virtual clinic appointments: accept your invitation to Gumshoe Health’s Clocktree system in your e-mail inbox. This is the HIPPA secure face-to-face platform you will use to connect with your provider.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment with your insurance card, ID, and referral or prescription if you have one. If it is a virtual visit, be sure to leave time to test your audio/video before the appointment.
  • Be prepared to pay your co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, and/or visit fee as necessary at the beginning of your visit.

Making an Appointment

For all visits, when you make your appointment via phone or through the electronic scheduler (Jane), be sure to highlight the main concern or purpose you would like addressed during your visit. If there are multiple concerns or if you know you have an extensive history to be covered in your first visit, you can either request an extended visit or we may need two visits to gather the information necessary to treat you safely and effectively.

Before the Visit

For all visits, if you are using insurance be sure to call your insurance provider and check your benefits as to what is covered and what your responsibility may be regarding non-covered services, services already used, co-pays, co-insurance, prior authorizations, and deductibles. It is important you understand what your coverage entails so that there are no surprises later on. As the customer of the insurance company, it is your responsibility to understand what you have purchased as we often will not get correct information when we call on your behalf.

Additionally, it may help to write out what you’d like to discuss during your visit and bring it with you. We all can forget pieces of what we’d like to say when we’re in the visit and in the midst of discussion. By having your notes with you, you can be sure that you won’t forget something that you were hoping to talk about.

Filling out your patient forms will cover all the information listed in the sections below.


Health History

For naturopathic appointments, write down any major past surgeries and conditions along with dates. Include any recent records that you may keep yourself for any illness you may contend with such as blood sugar readings or blood pressure readings. We’ll also want your most recent lab results or pathology reports. Your online intake form will cover most of this information.

A record of what you have tried in the past to correct your condition or concern would also help your naturopathic doctor to tailor your treatment.

Medication List

For you naturopathic appointment, be sure you have a list of any medications, supplements, or herbs that you are currently taking as well as their dosages and frequency. For herbs and supplements, please also list the brand that you use as quality can vary greatly. Having all this information listed out in your intake forms will save a good deal of time during your first visit.


For your naturopathic appointment, listing out both your allergies to medications and sensitivities you may experience to certain foods will help your provider to craft a safe and effective treatment plan for you.

Filling out our patient forms located on the patient portal will help you to organize this information for your provider.

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