Your First Visit

We're Looking Forward to Meeting You at Your First Visit to Gumshoe!

Please Bring to Every Naturopathic Visit:

  • Your insurance card and ID
  • Your full and current list of all medications, supplements, and herbal medicines, their bottles, or pictures of their labels. Be sure to note brand, dosage, and content of your supplements and herbs
  • Your questions and concerns

What Your Visit at Gumshoe Health Will Look Like:

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We will send you welcome emails so you can sign up for the online scheduler (Jane) so you can fill out your intake forms beforehand.  Filling out the intake before will save time and streamline your visit considerably. Another option for you is to come to your visit at least 15 minutes early to fill in the paperwork then, although it generally works better for patients if the forms are filled in at least three days beforehand so your provider can thoroughly review your case.

When you arrive at the clinic, our front desk staff will greet you and may confirm some details. They will also make sure you get any additional paperwork you may need and sign you up for the patient portal (doctor visits only). The patient portal gives you the ability to communicate securely with your care providers, pay bills online, and gives access to chart notes and lab results so you always have access to your health record and can easily share it with others on your health care team. After taking a seat in the waiting room, your provider will meet you and introduce you to any resident or student preceptor that may be assisting them that day before heading back to the treatment room. For naturopathic appointments, weight and height will often be taken on the way to the room.

During your visit, your provider will want to know what your main goals for the visit are so that they can be sure to address them properly. They will want to hear your story and will ask questions to clarify so that they can work with you and hone in on the appropriate diagnosis and/or treatment. 

At the end of your visit, any prescriptions will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice and your end of visit summary along with any handouts will be released to your patient portal. Any botanical medicine or supplements prescribed can be picked up in the office or elsewhere. Your provider will walk you out to the front desk again where our staff will collect any payment due for the visit as well as dispense any item you may have been prescribed that you choose to purchase from us. If any follow up visit is required, it can be booked at this time, later online, or via phone call.

Your First Visit With a Naturopathic Doctor:

As naturopathic physicians, your doctor has a thorough and versatile knowledge of various healing arts, closely supported by the in-depth medical resources, other providers, and medical professions at the clinic. As such, they may draw upon physical medicine, botanical medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, counseling, and minor office procedural medicine such as IVs or minor surgery. They may also refer out for imaging, labs, or specialist services that you may need. Your naturopathic doctor can act as your primary care physician or as a specialist support for your pre-existing health care team. In either case, they will strive to work with all your other health care providers to ensure you are receiving the best care possible and help you to connect the dots as you navigate the health care system.

Your First Visit With a Massage Therapist:

Our massage therapists have a passion for both medical and wellness massage therapy. They are the experts regarding the manual therapy of muscle and fascia, a body system often at the root of chronic and acute pain. Massage therapy is a broad term that encompasses many different types of knowledge and techniques including but not limited to: deep tissue, craniosacral, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, Swedish, myofascial, NMT, and much more. Different therapists have different styles and specializations in order to best match the varying, independent needs of different patient populations and conditions.

Your provider will talk to you about your concerns and what you would like addressed during the visit, as well as doing a proper assessment. This initial intake is important as it will shape the course of your treatment and help to benchmark your treatment progress. After that, the massage therapist will leave the room so that you can get onto the massage table.

Your First Visit With a Counselor:

Finding the right counselor can be one of the biggest challenges a patient faces. Counselors have a minimum of a masters degree and specialize in different mental health conditions and techniques. By having multiple counselors at our facility, we can help in the search to find the provider that best matches you. The majority of our counselors will do virtual face to face visits or walk and talk therapy, although in-office visits are also done.

Walk and Talk therapy is counseling in an outdoor setting. Your therapist will meet you in a designated park close to the clinic location at the appointed time and conduct your session while going on a walk with you or sitting with you outdoors. Appointments occur in all weather so you’ll want to come prepared, although your therapist will also bring extra supplies.

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