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Naturopathic medicine looks to resolve the foundational causes of disease. With this in mind It is impossible to look for root causes without realizing that individual health happens in the context of healthy communities and in a healthy natural environment. Consequently, public health and social justice are important to naturopathic doctors. That’s why Gumshoe Health is sponsoring Dr. Lauren Wilson to go to Cannon Ball North Dakota to offer his support.

Dr. Lauren Wilson:

Dr. Wilson Portrait

In the Standing Rock Reservation thousands of people dedicated to protection of water resources, global climate, and human rights are camping with minimal resources, and it’s starting to get cold.

This social movement is important because so much is at stake both culturally and environmentally for the people involved. The proposed (and partially constructed) Dakota Access Pipeline is intended to carry crude oil from North Dakota, across 4 states, to Illinois to join with existing pipelines. This path not only crosses Sioux sacred sites and burial grounds but also runs under the Missouri River. The Missouri River supplies drinking water to five states and feeds into the Mississippi. A spill in this river would poison a large watershed. This is one of the main points of contention for the protestors, with the other surrounding the risk to sacred cultural sites. The protesters posit that both of these risks together are not worth the convenience offered by the pipeline, in addition to the pipeline project violating standing treaties.

This movement has has come to mean more than these arguments for the people involved. The pipeline protest has turned out to be the largest congregation of indigenous groups in history. People have come from all over the world to support the Sioux. This is an opportunity for indigenous groups from the entire world to come together, find common ground, and work together in support of native rights everywhere. This is also an opportunity for America to look at how indigenous groups are engaged in the political process and start correcting hundreds of years of oppression and disrespect.

Representatives of the project have maintained that the pipeline is the safest way to transport oil, supports the local economy and supplies domestic energy needs.

At Gumshoe health we feel strongly about these important environmental and political issues, but that is not why we are going to lend a hand. Access to medical care is a fundamental human right and at Standing Rock, medical resources are severely limited.

Many of our doctors would love to go, but we have work and patients here, so we selected one person to carry to torch for the rest of us. In collaboration with a team of traditional healers and other medical providers Dr. Wilson intends to provide support to those in crisis in addition to first aid, when needed. This trip will be one week long, but Dr. Wilson plans to return again later if there continues to be a need.

Not only is this going to be a good thing for the people in Standing Rock but it is also an opportunity to learn. Dr. Wilson is passionate about botanical medicine and other traditional healing modalities. This will be a wonderful opportunity for him to enrich his education and bring back wisdom to share with both colleagues and patients.

Preparations have already started for the trip. Dr. Wilson has been training with Dr. Enos (who has extensive EMS paramedic experience) to improve his ability to respond appropriately to possible emergency situations. The accumulation of supplies is also no small undertaking. The weather can be very unpredictable at this time of year, so winter gear is essential. Other providers on site in North Dakota are also in need of natural medicines and emergency medical supplies that Dr. Wilson will have the honor of delivering.

Dr. Lauren Wilson ND and Dr. Seth Enos ND reviewing emergency supplies for the trip to Standing Rock:


If you personally have a donation of winter clothing or preserved food to share, please do! Drop off sites are Gumshoe Health in Seattle, and Monroe Therapeutic Massage in Ballard, Totem Lake, Bellevue, Monroe, and Kent. The central drop off location is Gumshoe Health in Seattle, located in the Medical Dental Building on 5th and Olive. Call (206) 420-8682 for more information.

If you would like to support Dr. Wilson ND in his travel costs and costs of medical supplies he is buying to donate, you can do so here:


Thank you so much,
– The Gumshoe Health Team

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