Gumshoe Health Gets Approved to be a CNME Residency Site for ND’s.

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Gumshoe Health is proud to announce that it has just been approved by the Council for Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) to be a residency training site for new doctors. As defined by our Mission Statement, “We believe in a future where the next generation of providers are cared for and properly trained,” Gumshoe Health fully supports the formalization of post-graduate training to help ensure consistent experiences for the benefit of both residents and patients. This has been a difficult goal for the profession given the lack of monetary support that MD residencies traditionally have access to. The program will begin in full swing by this October, 2016 and will initially employ two residents who have gone through the extensive residency matching process. Sponsored by Bastyr University, the leader in naturopathic medical education, this residency will be up to a maximum of 3 years long, renewed on an annual basis.


Why is having a CNME approved residency so important?

  • Helps to ensure quality education and transition for new doctors from their medical school curricula and clinic shifts to outside patient work.
  • Improves patient care delivered by naturopathic doctors both old and new.
  • Assists with the successful continuation of the resident into fulltime independent practice post-residency.
  • Offers protection for newly graduating doctors from overwork, unlawful or poor business practices, and general misuse.
  • Allows for the exchange of information from experienced physicians and from doctors trained in other areas.
  • Allows for the new doctor to explore scholarly and research work in addition to their clinical training.
  • Promotes a team atmosphere within the clinic, so the providers continue to move and act as a full breaded team.
  • Increases inter-provider trust and communication as a resident will learn from many different sources, including other specialties and credentials.
  • Develops leadership within the profession, preparing naturopathic medicine as a whole to be better equipped for true integration with the greater healthcare system.
  • Ensures certain standards are met for the resident to qualify as having completed a residency.
  • Promotes diversity.


What does seeing a resident mean for the patient?

  • Seeing a resident means that you get not only the benefit of that resident’s expertise, but also that of the supervisor that they work closely with as they will regularly meet and discuss cases.
  • Residents may be new to naturopathic medicine, but many come with prior backgrounds in health care such as nursing, respiratory therapy, massage therapy, and paramedic medicine.
  • The bottom line is really that residents are doctors. As such, you can expect much the same as you would from other naturopathic doctors.


At Gumshoe Health, our residents have been given the title of “Medical Investigators Extraordinaire” or MIsE, for short and we hope that you will all join us in welcoming our new residents both this fall and in the years to come. Gumshoe Health feels that they will be an important and essential part of our health care team and promote communication and dynamic discussions about medicine within our group, offering fresh perspectives and challenging questions.


Dr. Gumshoe, meet your plucky new sidekick – Resident Max Mouse:




In health,

– Dr. Samantha Desmond ND, and your friendly neighborhood gumshoes

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